I walked away Testimony by Eddie Morse





While taking a load crude oil to Cushing, Oklahoma. I was just north of C  PART_1410747893987_IMG950053handler it was raining and they had just put a new layer of asphalt down. I was meeting traffic when I got too close to the edge of the road. There was no shoulder, just mud. From that point until the truck stopped Jesus was driving, I was just along for the ride. As you can tell from the pictures if Jesus had not had me in his hand and his angels cushioning my ride I would not have been able to walk away from that accident. I give Jesus Christ all the praise and all the Glory for being able to tell this story. I was able walk out of that accident with only a few bumps and bruises and a few scratches all because Jesus Christ was with me in that truck. I can’t thank Him enough for being there for me.  It goes to show each of us when we get up each morning that we need to plead the Blood of Jesus over each and every member of our family as well as ourselves and our job.   I can’t begin to thank God enough for getting me through this, and for this I give Jesus all the praise and Glory. Thank you Jesus. AMEN

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