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Money Cometh

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I just wanted to give you an update on this member very quickly.  He has been believing and speaking that God was going to give him a brand new Caddy.  Well God answered that prayer.  He was given a brand new 2012 vehicle.  He didn’t choose a Caddy but he could have! He got exactly what he wanted and then to top it off they bought him a new 40″ tv!  Isn’t God great!  There is so much more this member has received brand new, he believes without a doubt that what he speaks God will do and he is speaking good things not bad!

We are truly getting reports of miracles every week.  It is so great to see the wonderful things God is doing.

We had a member who received 2 different payments into his bank account.  He is always talking about God providing.  God provided well and has given him more than enough!  He has received so much from God in such a short period of time, including a trailer, a riding lawn mower, brand new furniture, appliances the list goes on!

All because he speaks what he believes God will do.  He has proven time and time again that it works.  God has been faithful in meeting his needs.  He still has things on his list that he is believing God for.

You should make a list too.  After all God is not a respecter of persons what He does for one He will do for all that believe. Praise God!

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