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God Moved My Mountain by Eddie Morse

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Having all the genetics to have heart disease I decided along with my wife’s prodding, to have a stress test.  So on Monday, October 17, I did.  I lasted barely 5 minutes.  The EKG showed I could possibly have some blockages.  My doctor immediately set me up an appointment with a heart doctor in Oklahoma City.  After Pastor Lois checked him out online, I agreed to meet with him on Tuesday afternoon.

When I got home Monday evening I called Pastor Lois and asked her to pray with me.  While she was praying I felt a tug or twinge in my chest.  At that moment I knew the Great Physician, Jesus Christ had healed my heart problems.

An angiogram on Friday October 21st confirmed it.  I was 100% clear, there was no blockage.  I give all thanks and praise to the Lord for healing me.  I have been standing on Mark 11:23 since finding out about my “mountain” on Monday.  All I can say is God is good and will move all your “mountains” to the sea.  All you have to is ask believing and receive.

Eddie Morse 10/23/11

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